Hair removal gets to be a hassle when you have to constantly keep shaving, plucking or tweezing hair from some part of your body every time you take a shower. An alternative to frustrating and repetitive traditional hair removal methods is one of the many laser hair removal Miami has to offer at the Cosmetic Laser professionals.

This cosmetic procedure is done by beaming very concentrated light directly into the hair follicles. The pigment contained inside the follicles absorb the light, which destroys the hair in the area being treated. It can be used on all sorts of skin types and pigments and wherever hair is becoming troublesome. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is on your arms, legs, armpits, bikini region or your face because lasers can be customized for each individual case. The best way to determine if it can be the solution for you is to make a visit to options for laser hair removal Miami, FL has to offer.

Laser hair removal has many more advantages than traditional hair removal methods. As long as it is performed by a highly-trained professional in the field it is considered a safe cosmetic procedure. It is most effective on individuals with lighter skin and darker hair, but can be used on a variety of tones. An individual consultation can help determine how effective the procedure would be to get your desired goal.

Preparing for the procedure is relatively simple. You should avoid both tweezing and waxing for several weeks at least six weeks before treatment to ensure that the majority, if not all, hair follicles can be targeted by the lasers since the root will remain intact. All follicles will not be destroyed during your first session because some will turn lighter and others may put the follicle into a dormant phase where it cannot be treated by the lasers. This is why you’ll need to schedule another session with the cosmetic laser professionals two to four weeks after the initial one.

You can still use shave in between sessions to keep hair growth to a minimum since you’re only removing the hair where it surfaces above the skin. When the hair does re-grow it tends to come back lighter and finer than it was. You may need to go through another two to four sessions to achieve your desired results so the lasers can effectively target all follicles in the area.

The actual process itself varies depending on how large the area is. Lasers can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every fraction of a second. A small area on the face can take a few minutes, while a larger area such as your back or legs can take an hour or more. Permanent hair loss generally occurs after an average of four to seven treatments. It’s normal for the area to feel a bit uncomfortable like the area is sunburnt for a day or two. Use of a cool compress or moisturizer can help ease discomfort.

Ensure that you are receiving services from cosmetic laser professionals with appropriate training and credentials. You don’t want to regret your decision to explore laser hair removal Miami has to offer. Contact the Cosmetic Laser Professionals today at 305-456-1170 or visit our website

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