Hormone replacement therapy has been surging in popularity across Miami as clients have seen amazing results not just in their energy, but in their overall health. At Cosmetic Laser Professionals, we are excited to announce our merger with BioTE who is a leading provider of hormone replacement products. Contact us today!

What Will BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy Do For Me?

BioTE is changing the face of hormone replacement therapy by using pellets instead of injections to allow the body to release the hormone as needed throughout the day. Gone are the days when patients  from other clinics experienced rollercoaster-like effects with huge surges after an injection was applied. The pellets, are a much more effective and efficient method of reaping the benefits of hormone replacement.

Now that you know how the hormones will be released, let’s get to the benefits! Her are just a few of the most loved benefits BioTE offers our patients:

  • We only use natural hormones! By using bioidentical hormones that are found naturally in the human body, the days of side effects are almost eliminated.
  • The pellets offer a more consistent dose of hormones throughout the day which means less “surges” or imbalance issues.
  • Some patients report an increase in sex drive
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce hot flashes
  • Reduce dry skin
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves memory
  • Lessens thinning hair
  • Improves sleep

Please refer to our Specials page to see the huge sale we have going on in honor of our merger with BioTE. We are committed to helping improve the lives of all of our patients so much, and believe so firmly in the results BioTE provides that everything from the labs, to pellet procedures and more is being offered at a great promotional rate. This sale will not last long so place call us today to schedule your treatment.

Will You Still Be Offering Services for Massages Near Me?

If you came to us because you were searching for “massage near me” online, not to worry. We still offer all of our services that our clients have known and loved for years. Everything from massages, laser hair removal, aesthetic services, body contouring, anti-aging treatment and much more are still being offered at our office. We promise to continue all of the services you know and love that offer exceptional service and results. So if you are searching for “massages near me” in Miami, we have you covered!

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At Cosmetic Laser Professionals in Miami, FL we have become a recognized name when it comes to providing clients with body sculpting services, aesthetic treatments, massages near me, laser services and much more. We always strive to serve our clients better and to offer the latest cutting edge treatments, Due to this, we took your feedback into consideration and have partnered with BioTE to provide you with the best hormone replacement therapy services possible to give our clients a boost of energy and vitality. Contact us today to book your appointment. The first 100 patients will receive 50% off of their treatment cost.

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