January & February 2022



100 units for $390 (Reg. $500)
50 units for $195 (Reg. $250)


$50 OFF Jevederm Ultra 3 & 4

Full Syringe for $522
1/2 Syringe for $236

$30 OFF Radiesse
$685 for 1.5ml’s


10% OFF
All regular price Laser Hair Removal Packages


10% OFF All Facials

10% OFF PRP #1 and #2


BeautiFill Lser Services
BeautiFill™ is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardize the process, time and quality of fat transfer methods with the least amount of adipose disruption.

BeautiFill’s closed-loop fat transfer capabilities combine laser, aspiration and processing into one simple step. This reduces procedure time while optimizing the entire fat transfer process.

  • High Fat Vitality for immediate grafting with no need for fillers.
  • Complete, all-in-one-solution.
  • Maximum patient safety-with low power density lasting and local anesthesia
  • Fully equipped liposuction and fat grafting kits
  • Vast range of filler procedures based on natural resources
  • Virtually no downtime, remove unwanted fat, transfer to areas needed. BBB, Breast enhancement, facial fat pads and more!

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All Day Event!
Happy Hour Specials!
We will be having Happy Hour Specials Jan. 12th. and Feb. 9th.
All Day
Regular priced services – 15% OFF
Monthly Specials – 5% OFF

Orders over the phone will no longer be accepted. Ups must pay in person.
All sales are final the day of the happy hour event. No refunds, credit towards other services only.

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