Vela Shape

What is VelaShape?

VelaShape® is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction*. VelaShape enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body in typically 3 treatment sessions (single treatment protocol is also available); making you look and feel more youthful. VelaShape provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.

Which areas can be treated with VelaShape?

Cellulite treatment areas could be on the neck (under chin), arms, thighs, buttocks, flank and abdomen. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the treatment regime.

Large Area

  • Buttocks, flanks and Abdomen
  • Call for complimentary consultation and service pricing.

Medium Area

  • Arms and thighs
  • Call for complimentary consultation and service pricing.

Small Area

  • Neck/ under chin area
  • Call for complimentary consultation and service pricing.

Is VelaShape treatment right for me?

VelaShape is not a weight loss treatment. VelaShape uses a combination of technologies to contour your body, reducing the trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach. The ideal VelaShape patient is someone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30, who falls under The Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2. Ask your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for VelaShape treatments.

The Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Scale


NO dimpling while the patient is standing or lying down, but the pinch test reveals the “orange peel” appearance.


“Orange peel” dimpling appears spontaneously when standing up, but NOT when lying down.


“Orange peel” dimpling appears spontaneously both when standing up AND lying down.

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