We partner with CareCredit to bring you another option for payment.

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The Benefits of CareCredit

If you are low on cash and would prefer to finance the purchase of your cosmetic procedure, CareCredit is an excellent option. Their well-established company has been extending its services to patients around the country for many years.

With an easy application process, you can receive an answer on whether or not you are approved quickly with their 3-step online process. Applying has never been easier.

What Do I Do After I Have Been Approved?

One of the many benefits of using CareCredit is that the vast network has over 200,000 locations that are approved to accept this as a form of payment. Not only can you pay for your cosmetic procedure in affordable monthly amounts, but you are free to purchase other procedures. Once you approved, simply head on over to Cosmetic Laser Professionals to finalize all of the details.

Need To Find Out How Much You Can Expect To Pay Per Month?

Here at Cosmetic Laser Professionals, we have partnered with CareCredit and have included their payment calculator for you to use. Simply type in the amount you wish to finance and the term of the payment you wish to obtain.

Have Questions?

Feel free to call CareCredit to discuss your options and other terms of use with one of their knowledgeable staff members. Recognized as one of the leading credit providers, customer satisfaction is an essential component of their success, and they will make sure to answer all of your questions. If you have any questions regarding the procedure you wish to obtain from us, please contact us today and a Cosmetic Laser Professionals team member will be content to assist you with your inquiry.

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